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Corporate Training

We at Finrex, believe in training industry professionals for optimum results.

Corporate training is essential for your employees to understand the complex forex market which ultimately helps you in maximizing profits for your organization. The training imparted helps in understanding the various aspects of forex markets. It assists you in knowing and analysing the underlying reasons for fluctuations.

Through our extensive treasury training program, we offer you skillful corporate training. Our step-by-step holistic approach familiarizes you with key concepts and its implications in the market.

We also make you aware of the various RBI, FEDAI regulations with respect to exports and imports.

Through our reliable corporate training program, we ensure that you become adept at understanding the forex markets.

  • Basic : FX concepts, FX Rate, Banking Negotiation and Reduction in Charges
  • Trade Finance & ECB
  • Derivatives: Forward, Futures, Options & Swaps
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Various RBI, FEDAI regulations related to Exports & Imports