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Treasury Software

Finrex is a provider of integrated SAAS (Software-as-a-Service solutions) for Treasury and Risk Management of the companies. With our award winning software, the company will save on cost as well as man-hour and transform their treasury and risk management to the advance levels.

  • A SaaS deployment model helps companies lower their Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lack of upfront hardware investment lowers overall IT and infrastructure costs.
  • Eliminating the need to have IT staff supporting the solution.

  • Capturing Forex exposure from all departments in one place:
    • Export, Import, Foreign currency loan, Banks limits
  • Capturing MTM on your FX exposure and MIS reports through this software
    • Orderwise, Bank wise, Customer wise, Currency wise, Product wise etc.
    • Hedged position /ratio
  • A dynamic Scenario Analysis of currency movement
  • Stop Loss/ Target Alerts for Protection of Benchmark
  • Effortless Integration of with ERP/SAP